Business Process Outsourcing

We provide best-in-class outsourced business services to help automate and transform key back office processes, delivering better, faster, more efficient outcomes for our clients and their customers.

Products and Services

Paragon's BPO solutions will help to transform the business-critical processes which underpin your organisation, giving you better, faster and more efficient results.


Digital Mailroom

Our digital mailroom solution enables remote working for our clients, boosting their productivity and automating their processes.
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Document Processing and Management Services

Innovative solutions that enhance security and reduce costs, while delivering a better experience for your customers.
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Customer Service Outsourcing

Seamless customer contact services delivered by highly trained operators, helping you to improve customer experience and protect your brand.
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Digital Transformation

Increased efficiency, more accurate customer data, and improved profitability for your business thanks to our expert digital transformation specialists.

Outsourcing solutions are underpinned by Paragon's Integr8 technology platform.

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