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20 Jan 2023

The Very Group

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The Very Group is the UK's largest integrated retail and financial services provider, and the operator of and

What our client needed

Our Client, The Very Group, was experiencing challenges with their customer communications. Most of their call centre letters and debt collection activities were printed and mailed out. As well as costing millions each year in print and postage, it was also slow and inflexible — bad news when collecting debts or keeping customers up to date with information about their orders.

They needed a solution that would move their customer communications online, improve satisfaction and enhance customer experience by reducing the time taken to resolve issues or queries.

What we gave them

The multichannel platform combines print, eDelivery and ePresentment services. Customers can view communications via a web portal, or alternatively have a PDF version securely emailed to them. Undeliverable emails automatically trigger a printed copy, which is then sent to customers in the post.

We focused on enhancing the customer experience our client delivered in three key areas:

1) We introduced calendar reminders for upcoming payment days so customers could plan ahead.

2) We incorporated digital inserts and brochures to provide customers with content and information in a format they preferred.

3) To assist customers with self-serve options, we also provided embedded video tutorials to make it easier for customers to access the content they wanted, and to reduce queries to our client's customer service teams.

What was the impact

Today, more than six million contact centre and debt management letters have been replaced by digital communications. We have achieved a 95% delivery rate to customers’ inboxes, ensuring information reaches them as quickly as possible and dramatically reducing the amount of physical letters that are sent.

This has resulted in a multi-million pound saving.As well as achieving significant cost savings on print and postage, eDelivery has reduced the number of calls to our client’s contact centre and provided a wealth of analytics, enabling our client to see if an email has been read, how soon it was opened after delivery, and how long a customer spent reading it.

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