Sunlight filtering through the trees
Sunlight filtering through the trees

Our Sustainability Ambition

What we do


Paragon combines leading-edge technology and exceptional people to deliver business-critical products and services that enhance our clients’ performance. We go to market through seven key business lines, delivering cost and carbon efficiency while meeting our clients’ evolving challenges head on, transforming how their businesses operate.

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Consulting & Agency

We combine the power of data with compelling creative and digital technology to help brands connect better with their customers, to deliver better outcomes.

Customer Communications

We integrate leading-edge technology and unparalleled expertise to transform the way brands communicate with their customers, delivering cost and carbon efficiency and enhance customer experiences.
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Lead Supply

We remove marketing campaign complexity, offering our clients a single source supplier and access to the best production, expertise and marketing technology in the market for faster more effective marketing results.

Business Process Outsourcing

We provide best-in- class outsourced solutions to help automate and transform key back office processes, delivering better, faster, more efficient outcomes for our clients and their customers.
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Workplace Solutions

Innovative solutions to improve employees' day-to-day experiences - increasing productivity, encouraging creativity and collaboration, and driving better business performance.
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Supply Chain Management

We take our clients’ operational requirements and enable rapid and lasting service and efficiency gains with digitally connected fulfilment, logistics and supply chain solutions.
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Print Solutions

We provide decades of experience and expertise to deliver exceptional quality to the trade print market, helping them to support their clients with the power of print. We also supply and service pressure seal/ancillary equipment and supply label printers and consumables.