Sustainability Strategy: Partners

We are committed to benchmarking the sustainability performance of our supply chain.

Our Partner Pillar

Through the Partners pillar of our sustainability strategy, we outline commitments to benchmarking the sustainability performance and diversity of our supply chain.

This will allow our stakeholders to select suppliers based on a range of sustainability performance criteria, alongside traditional economic models. In support of this, we are also developing product lifecycle sustainability analysis across all products and services, for all our supply partners and geographies.

This will provide the information that enables our stakeholders to make informed, responsible choices. We have worked with third party consultants JRP Solutions to ensure that our Carbon Net Zero Strategy includes all of our purchased goods and services.

Carbon Net Zero is a challenge for all businesses and we are excited to collaborate with our supply partners on this journey.

We have identified that this pillar in our strategy, although applicable to many of the United Nations SDGs, closely aligns to the four goals listed below:


You can find out more about our sustainability strategy here