By Laura May
19 Jul 2022

People, Planet, Partners: Carbon Calculator

Welcome to the latest instalment of the People, Planet, Partners newsletter.

This week, with Britain experiencing its highest temperatures on record, it seems like the right time to talk about carbon reduction.

Increasingly, when businesses are choosing who to work with, they want to know they are dealing with a responsible partner, one that can give them detailed information on the lifecycle of the products and services they’re buying.

A big step forward for Paragon in this area is our new Carbon Calculator. Because, while we’re making good progress in terms of carbon reduction at a business level, we needed to go deeper, and examine our carbon footprint at a product level too.

The solutions and products we deliver on behalf of our clients are an important part of their value chain. Factoring in the raw materials involved, as well as transport, packaging, delivery, and how a product is recycled or disposed of, gives a holistic view of a product's carbon footprint across its lifecycle.

If you'd like to find out more, you can read the full story on our Carbon Calculator via the link to my newsletter below - and don't forget to subscribe. 

Lucy Klinkenberg-Matthews

Head of Sustainability, Paragon Customer Communications