By Anonymous
06 Apr 2023

People, Planet, Partners: Nature-Based Solutions

Hi everyone, and welcome to the latest issue of People, Planet, Partners. This month, I would like to highlight the power of nature-based solutions to climate change.

The United Nations report from 2021, “Making Peace with Nature”, highlights how economic and financial systems must be transformed to recognise the value to humans in biodiversity and nature. Sir David Attenborough’s powerful advocacy for the benefits of a return to a more biodiverse environment amplifies this message.

The incredible ingenuity of people tends to make us think of human solutions to every problem. We look to technology and engineering as the answer. But this often has unforeseen negative consequences; extracting and burning fossil fuels was seen as a brilliant solution to a problem at the time, but the disastrous consequences later became apparent. Conversely, nature-based solutions often have unexpected positive consequences.


Lucy Klinkenberg-Matthews

Head of Sustainability, Paragon Customer Communications