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20 Jan 2023

DirectLine Group

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Bringing print management and data into Line.

What our client needed

With a large number of brands marketed by different subdivisions, customers were receiving direct mail and marketing material from many different areas of the business; so rather than attracting new customers, the business was simply shifting them from place to place.

Paragon initially built a Single Customer View database to eradicate this data inefficiency and was then tasked with ensuring their marketing print production also became streamlined and more cost effective.

What we gave them

Paragon’s previous business history with DLGresulted in an already thriving insight into thecompany, this foundation of knowledge meaning wewere able to deliver a rapid implementation and build a team based on site at the client’s outer London headquarters.

Crucial to the ongoing success of campaigns, our solution included an on-site team based at their Head Office situated within DLG’s Marketing department, that managed over 30 million personalised packs, 200 million Door drops and all of their ad hoc specialist work - including stock control of their Policy Literature.

Paragon approached the project holistically, knowing that we needed to respond to the evolving needs of the company, and bring them sophisticated solutions to meet a vast range of criteria.

What was the impact

Paragon was able to ensure the delivery ofmulti-million door-drops and marketing communication packs, comprising of 10 distinctdirect marketing campaigns across all brands andproducts, as well as the seamless delivery of one ofthe biggest marketing print requirements in the UK.

Together with our client we have identified the potential for significant cost savings across the business, thanks to tailored, less wasteful marketing.We designed and introduced a white paper solution with personalised envelope technology, and are working with our in-house technical teams and supply chain to introduce the latest in-line personalised inkjet envelope wrapping techniques.

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