By Andrew Frost
11 Apr 2023

Sustainability along the investor journey

When measuring the carbon footprint of an investment cycle, the impact of regulated investor communications is often overlooked. Andrew Frost at Paragon explains how this challenge can be met.

The long-term transition to a carbon net zero economy will transform financial services markets and shape future consumer priorities.  As a result, investment firms are under greater scrutiny than ever to demonstrate and transparently report on their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments. Investment firms must also aim continuously to exceed investor expectations and navigate market uncertainty - all while meeting regulatory requirements.

While this presents both opportunity and challenge for financial institutions throughout the investment cycle, one aspect of this journey that is often overlooked is the dissemination of investor communications. With the right approach, firms can decarbonise their communications while making positive enhancements to the investor journey. 

Next-generation digital consumers will coexist within an increasingly ageing investor population. The differing investor expectations caused by this demographic disparity will drive stronger demand for highly effective multi-channel communications, a potential unique selling point (USP). This also presents an opportunity to decarbonise through the adoption of digital optimisation strategies.

Working with more than 70% of the investment management industry, Paragon has developed a Carbon Calculator that allows its clients to measure their customer communications carbon footprint with precision and full reporting capabilities, from journey-start to journey-end. This tool enables clients to make more informed decisions and protect their brand’s reputation, by reassuring investors of their commitment to ESG.

Calculating the carbon emissions associated with digital and non-digital customer communications is a valuable exercise that helps drive responsible decision-making, builds a stronger reporting framework, and maintains a focus on delivering sustainable customer journeys, in a competitive and ever-changing environment.

Paragon are global specialists in the dissemination of investor communications, providing 360° multi-channel solutions in support of digital optimisation.

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