By Valentin Quisquater
11 Apr 2023

Empowering regulated industries for better CX

Customer experience (CX) has become the new battleground over which companies compete in the marketplace. According to PwC’s Experience is Everything report, 73% of consumers say CX is an important factor in their purchasing decisions and 65% find a positive brand experience more influential than great advertising.

While regulated industries have been quick to embrace the value of CX, today, they face a new challenge: in the new normal, how do they use technology to empower staff - many working remotely - to keep CX at an all-time high?    

Technology is vital to providing enhanced CX; it helps brands deliver the speed, convenience, knowledgeable help and friendly services that consumers demand. Indeed, PwC notes that 82% of the top-performing companies pay close attention to the human experience around digital and tech. To be successful in the new normal, organisations within the regulated industries need to adopt the technologies that enable their teams to deliver enhanced CX regardless of whether they are working in the office or remotely.

Having access to customer journey maps and the ability to communicate across the spectrum of channels are key enablers for delivering great CX. Access to unified data from all touchpoints allows staff to fully understand where the customer is on their journey, enabling messages to be personalised, consistent and relevant while ensuring that conversations flow seamlessly.

Being able to deliver these communications via the customer’s preferred channel not only enhances the experience for the customer but improves the likelihood that the message will be digested and acted upon in a timely manner.

As touchpoints can occur across a growing choice of channels, staff working in the new normal need communications platforms that enable them to make use of those channels. Only this way can they manage the entire customer journey, understand the communication preferences of individual customers and be flexible enough to react when these change. Again, this is essential to deliver the consistent and seamless experiences consumers need.  

New normal solutions

Finding a solution that helps brands improve CX and enables staff to deliver it remotely can be a challenge. Organisations within the regulated industries need to maintain control of communications to ensure that messages are consistent and compliant, while staff need to access customer data from across all touchpoints remotely and be able to choose the most appropriate channel to communicate.

When it comes to outbound communications, one such solution is Paragon’s Hybrid Mail. Empowering staff to work remotely while ensuring the organisation remains in control, it helps companies maintain business processes and agile working while improving the reliability of their communications. Employees can access Hybrid Mail online 24/7 and use it to deliver multichannel communications via print, email, SMS and other digital channels. As a result, not only does Hybrid Mail help remote teams deliver better CX, it also improves productivity and reduces cost.

Another solution is to adopt a single, centralised communications platform, one that offers the infrastructure, applications and security required to offer enhanced customer experiences in the new normal. Paragon’s One Platform, for example, unifies data to deliver end-to-end customer journey mapping, provides the flexibility to communicate across both digital and traditional channels in line with customer preferences, and it is centrally managed to ensure that the organisation has control of the brand message. Ideally suited for the new normal agile working environment, it provides single-sourced sign-off, real-time changes and it is accessible remotely, anytime, anywhere.

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