By Valentin Quisquater
11 Apr 2023

Customer Support Solution for BNP Paribas, a french retail bank

What our client wanted

BNP Paribas pioneered the creation of online deposits. To further improve their customers’ experience, BNP Paribas approached us to help them understand whether, through clever design and user experience, they could create a marketing website and customer portal that provide a premium customer experience while improving the efficiency of the banking process on both sides. Because 50% of today’s online traffic is via mobile devices, we needed to approach the project ‘mobile first’ to ensure all BNP Paribas customers benefit from the new experience.

What we gave them

We held numerous interviews and user tests to analyse behaviour and reactions when using the website and made a series of iterations to the product’s design and UX based on their feedback. We strategically positioned key content to enable customers to access important information and useful tools quickly. For example, by displaying FAQs at the bottom of key pages we gave customers speedy access to detailed information, helping them in their decision-making process and reducing support requests to the business. Content throughout the website focuses on the products while delivering the brand's key messaging: safety, comfort, security, profitability, partnership.

What was the impact

The redesigned platform has seen a large traffic increase since we delivered the project for the bank. The update to the user experience and strategy has directly led to a 250% increase in the number of completed full application forms during the first 6 months, and we have also delivered a 550% increase in the overall requests. Facts and figures are important for us, but what’s more important is how people see and experience the work that we do.

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