By Valentin Quisquater
11 Apr 2023

Customer Communications Solution for a Wealth Management business

What our client wanted

Our client, a UK-based wealth management business, was facing issues with their customer correspondence. They needed a partner who could produce communications in a timely manner, with the correct content, style and branding. In addition, the change management process to set up new letter templates was long and convoluted. As a result of these challenges, their customers were receiving late or incorrect communications, and the client’s desired changes were not made quickly enough for them to have an impact. They needed to speed up their change process, eliminate errors, and improve the experience they delivered for their customers.

What we gave them

Our solution experts worked closely with our client’s key stakeholders to assess their requirements and to plan the solution which would enable them to improve the experience they delivered for their customers. Our client’s content and branding needed to be 100% correct and consistent across hundreds of different letter variations, and the system which generated them needed to handle a mixture of data processing and free typing content. We built a bespoke letter management system that was specific to our client’s needs, which could quickly and accurately process vast amounts of data to generate a range of customer communications.

What was the impact

Our solution has resulted in zero correspondence complaints in the two years it has been operating. New templates are continually added to the system and our client delivers an excellent customer experience. Previously, one specific letter took around 90 minutes to complete when done manually. Our LMS solution has cut this time down to around 10 minutes. With 450 users across England, Scotland and India, our client can now deliver accurate and timely communications while maintaining tight control over their brand and messaging. They have complete governance sign-off and an audit trail that shows who is competing which task, and we also provide full reconciliation and Management Information.

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