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Supply Chain Management

We take our clients’ operational requirements and enable rapid and lasting service and efficiency gains with digitally connected fulfilment, logistics and supply chain solutions.

Our Supply Chain Management business line delivers the ecoMLR packaging solution. Its innovative, protective, and recyclable design put it one step ahead of other types of sustainable packaging. ecoMLR features a strong, durable, padded interior, making it a sustainable alternative to traditional packaging, and it achieves its robust and protective construction without using any single-use plastic.

Developed by Paragon using Epix® technology, the product range is made from paper and a revolutionary water-based cushioning material, which protects products during shipping ensuring that goods arrive undamaged every time.

With the rise of eCommerce, packaging is now a key aspect of the customer experience, and having high-quality, protective, and sustainable packaging is becoming a non-negotiable. With that in mind, we are proud to have the product range certified by The Institute Cyclos-HTP for recyclability and product responsibility. It can be disposed of in household recycling and is manufactured in the UK, ensuring fast delivery, and significantly reducing the carbon footprint from production to delivery.

By investing in packaging with a conscience, brands are taking that next step to becoming sustainable and ensuring they meet Government waste packaging recycling responsibilities.

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