By Angela Crocker
10 Nov 2022


Sub Heading
Engaging investor communications for multinational insurance giant.

What our client needed

The company sends investment statements to its clients in accordance with the regulations governing their industry, but the resulting communications weren't tailored to the individual receiving them, and as a result they had a low level of engagement.

The company wanted to produce an investment statement with focused content, specific to each customer, with information they found engaging and in a format which ensured the customer would sit up and take interest when they received it.They also needed a secure, single supplier for their investor communications who understands the Financial Conduct Authority regulations and industry best practices.

What we gave them

As part of the project, Paragon delivered to Aviva a fully integrated investment statement, driven by data and printed dynamically using digital print technology.Aviva's investors could now receive a personalised investment statement with relevant, targeted information which elevated an everyday customer communication into something more dynamic.

Paragon gave the new investment statement an editorial feel with market commentary, as well as information and relevant fund reports adjacent to the overall investment overviews.

What was the impact

The imagery, content, and the sophisticated use of data took Aviva's asset management investorstatements to the next level, with positive feebackfrom investors.

On top of the new look and feel, the signposting which Paragon included led to positive actions from Aviva's customers, with investors reading and engaging with the statements on a level not previously seen.

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